Schedule a Tour | In – Person

Available Mondays from 10:30am to 4:30pm. Don't see a good fit for your class schedule? If you would like to schedule a virtual tour at a time other than those offered, please reach out; we are happy to work with you!

For booking, please email Nisa Floyd at: [email protected]

Schedule a Tour | Virtual

Available Tuesday through Friday from 10:30am to 12:30pm. All Atlanta Contemporary school tours must be booked two weeks in advance. Don't see a good fit for your class schedule? If you would like to schedule a virtual tour at a time other than those offered, please reach out; we are happy to work with you!

For additional information or questions about programs, policy or cost, please email Nisa Floyd at: [email protected]

Zoom & Tech Set-Up

At this time, all of our virtual tours will take place via Zoom. Teachers must attend the tour session with their students.

Trial Run / Set-Up

To offset possible connectivity and/or compatibility issues, we ask that teachers briefly meet with an Atlanta Contemporary staff member one week before their scheduled tour. This pre-session will include an introduction between the primary teacher and an Atlanta Contemporary staff member via Zoom. The goal is to ensure that links properly work, that sound and video quality are acceptable and that everyone feels comfortable navigating through Zoom. This should take about 15 minutes.

Don’t worry, an Atlanta Contemporary staff member will reach out to you to set the date and time. We know that technology is unpredictable, and this meeting should reduce the likelihood of any issues. If a teacher declines or does not attend the pre-session, Atlanta Contemporary will not refund nor assume responsibility.

Tour Pricing

In Person Tours (groups under 15) | $5 per person*

In Person Tours (groups over 15) | $75 *

Virtual Tours | 45 – 60 min, includes interactive art making through-out the session at no additional cost

Title 1 – $50 **

Non-Title 1 – $75

*interactive art making session upon request for $75

**Qualifying schools can receive a full or partial grant for their tour through our Contemporary Connoisseurs application.

Payment is required at the time of booking. Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for the next steps.

Cancellation Policy

Atlanta Contemporary requires 72-hour notice for tour cancellation to provide a full refund.

Tour Experiences

Grades (3 – 5) – Visual Art, Science, ELA

Explore the magic of science in art as we take a close look at Atlanta Contemporary’s current exhibitions. Students make observations and inferences to foster visual literacy and identify key elements of science that are represented.

Georgia Standards of Excellence

VA3.RE.1 VA3.CN.1 VA3.CN.2 VA3.CN.3 VA4.RE.1 VA4.CN.1 VA4.CN.2 VA5.RE.1 VA5CN.1 VA5.CN.2 VA5.CN

A Slow Look
Grades (K – 12) – Visual Art, ELA

'Slow looking', a Harvard-studied approach asserts that in order to understand art, we have to take our time. Students will use the power of observation to notice clues that help their understanding of what they are looking at. Questions like: What do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? help us explore elements and principles present in contemporary art. When we take time and look slowly, we are allowing for discoveries and form personal connections with the work.

Georgia Standards of Excellence

Living Traditions
Grades (2 – 12) – Visual Art, Social Studies, ELA

Ever wonder about the cultural traditions of other countries? States? Communities? This tour centers the personal traditions of artists – their story, their history, their upbringing – and how they use art to archive and share their cultural history through the work. Often through installation and site-specific exhibitions, this interactive experience uplifts personal stories of artists through an arts-focused history lesson.

Georgia Standards of Excellence

Art as A Solution
Grades (5 – 12) – Visual Art, Social Studies

(Social Justice), ELA

Students discuss different social issues relevant to contemporary culture. Based on ability and comprehension, Atlanta Contemporary believes that art is a solution. These tours utilize exhibitions in the galleries as well as go behind-the-scenes to visit individuals participating in the Studio Artist Program.

Georgia Standards of Excellence

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