Atlanta Contemporary presents Movement Love, a yoga series presented by Maggie Benoit and a collaborating artist. Click here to watch the virtual Movement Love program. 

Movement Love, featuring Alice Kim and Meredith Kooi, offers breathing exercises, postures, and soothing sounds, along with tips and tools for managing distress in this unprecedented time of unknowns. As Meredith says, “it is difficult to be angry and grateful at the same time,” so here’s our offering to you: take a breath, take a moment to be present, practice (even when uncomfortable) to find some little “spark” that helps you feel grateful and hopefully not so grumpy - a flipping of the coin, if you will. 

Please feel free to download DISTRESS ZINE after the program and enjoy!

Donate to Movement Love Artists

This virtual edition of Movement Love is free to access, but we encourage viewers to donate what they can directly to collaborating artists Alice Kim and Meredith Kooi.

Music Artists:
Alice Kim
venmo @Alice-Kim-44
IG @alicekimalicekim

Meredith Kooi
venmo @Meredith-Kooi
IG @kooi_means_birdcage

Program Curator:
**all donations to me will go to Justin Kahler of Tune Pusher, who's been a major asset in post production process
Maggie Benoit
venmo @Margaret-Benoit
IG @maggiebenoit

Editing Assistance:
Justin Kahler
IG @jkahlermusic


Maggie Benoit

Maggie Benoit’s objective is to produce enriching experiences that bolster the arts alongside entrepreneurial efforts in Atlanta. Her focus is to strengthen a community driven network, a conversation, a connection to resources and a place for beings to express constructively. This way the individual and community grow by staying curious, asking questions, creating solutions, as well as learning constructs of both personal and social space. The question arises, “how does one define the ability to connect the intimately personal to another tangibly?” Such an expression means finding love for self, love for another, love for something that holds meaning. Sharing said experience defines a landscape of varied media through intentional integration of work and life.

Alice Kim

Alice Kim earned her BA in Psychology and is currently a second-year clinical mental health graduate student at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Alice is an immigrant from Brazil and resides in Atlanta, Ga. Her professional training and areas of interest include racial identity in counseling, family systems, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, depression, LGBTQ issues in counseling, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Alice is also an avid musician and animal lover.

Meredith Kooi

Meredith Kooi (b. 1985, Chicago, IL) is an artist, curator, educator, critic, and researcher based in Atlanta. Driven by curiosity and an eagerness to understand the places, experiences, and emotional conditions in which she finds herself, Meredith uses performance, radio, audio, installation, drawing, writing, and the web, among other mediums to dig into the materials of history, stories, narratives, and natural history to uncover what may have been concealed. Working collaboratively, Meredith allows the thoughts, motivations, and desires of others to challenge her own perceptions and methods. Working independently, Meredith critically examines her own history and body, recognizing that each are not selfsame, coherent, or discrete entities. Whether solo or collaborative, Meredith’s projects produce space for a multiplicity of conversations that may contradict each other, but work together to create a shared world. Meredith herself is in recovery.

Justin Kahler

The Movement Love virtual program has been edited by Justin Kahler of Tune Pusher. The mission of Tune Pusher, LLC is to provide outstanding professional consulting services to our clients in a wide range of entertainment industry categories including, but not limited to; tracking, mixing, production, graphic and media design, artist development, offline and online digital marketing, along with advanced career guidance and direction. We strive to turn any vision into a successful reality. We are a one stop shop for your brand.


This virtual event will be released as a video. Click here to watch the virtual Movement Love program.

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