Zapah_lab invites you for a look into experimental scent making. See the methodology of creating a scent,  the natural building blocks of a new smell, plus some tips to mix your first. 

Arianna Khmelniuk an olfactory artist, founder of the zapah_lab, currently based in Atlanta, GA. A research-based project dedicated to pushing future possibilities of scent in an art context and critique, media- and speculative design that open up from a better understanding of ourselves and the environment. 

The Zapah_lab video on experimental scent making will be released on April 26, 2020.

Resources for scent materials:

Soap bases

Fragrances for soaps

Soap colorants

Soap molds

Soap making equipment



ZAPAH_lab LLC is a Atlanta based research and scent label founded in 2015, dedicated to creating unique and not boring scent blends. ZAPAH_lab works side-specific, multidisciplinary and research-based blends. We are inspired by pushing future possibilities of scent in media- and communication design, that open up from a better understand ourselves and the environment. ZAPAH_lab LLC is an anonymous duo of artist and a scientist, kids of the 90’s of the post-Soviet culture. And Zapah (запах - ‘zapakh’) means “smell” in the Slavic languages.


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