Coulter Fussell

Coulter Fussell

Pillow Talk

January 25, 2024 – May 19, 2024

In her newest body of work, Pillow Talk, Coulter Fussell continues her practice of elaborating on personal narrative through the process of quilting and piecework. An avid fan of reusing, Fussell finds her material strictly from donations to her studio. These donations run the gamut from shower curtains to Cut-N-Sew pillows and t-shirts that carry histories from their previous owners and promote a collective remembering with the artist.With each of the scenes in this exhibition, Fussell uses the shape of headboards as a vehicle for mapping out the dreamy, steamy, subversive, and surreal world we experience while asleep.

Playing off the fact that we are consistently surrounded by textiles when we go to bed at night, she creates a transcription of dreams onto the ‘headboards’ like TV screens playing out subconscious thoughts. The combined effect of memory through the lens of dreaming establishes a mood for reflection that favors emotion in its storytelling. Within the long tradition of this storytelling through quilting and traditional craft, Fussell’s final works give access to her personal experience, both self-conscious and not, with touchstones for the audience to situate themselves in the work.


Coulter Fussell

Coulter Fussell was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, an old textile town. She is the youngest family quilter, hailing from multi-generations of seamstresses and quilters. She produces quilt-works using discarded and donated textiles as her sole materials. Coulter has exhibited works across the country including The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami. Her textiles works are in the permanent collections of the Columbus Museum of Art and the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Coulter is a 2023 Mississippi Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship recipient, the 2023 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Visual Arts Inductee, a 2021 Museum of Arts and Design Burke Prize Finalist, the Jane Crater Hiatt Fellow and winner the the 2021 Mississippi Museum of Art Biennial, a 2019 United States Artists Fellow in Craft, the 2019 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Visual Arts Inductee, and the Finalist for the 2017 SouthArts Southern Prize. Coulter lives and works in rural north Mississippi with her family.


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