Emma McMillan

Emma McMillan

Project X

August 24, 2019 – December 22, 2019

Press Preview
August 24, 2019 at 6:00 pm
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August 24, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Project X examines the work of Atlanta architect John Portman, whose prolific output since the 1960’s shaped the face of the city. Titled after Portman’s unrealized 1969 utopian residential building, Project X confronts the architecture, theory and legacy of Portman’s designs and career.

In an installation across gallery 2 a series of large oil and aquarelle paintings are displayed across aluminum scaffolding to create an immersive painting environment reminiscent of Portman’s iconic structures in downtown Atlanta. Utilizing care and control in her painting technique, McMillan borrows from Portman’s visual tricks such as forced perspective, blur, vertigo, and mirrored reflection to emulate the dimension of his buildings in downtown Atlanta. McMillan calls into question Portman’s preoccupation with hyperspace and the suppression of depth. Hanging banners and feminine iconography stabilize and support the airy, light-filled surfaces.

Additionally, an installation in collaboration with Architect H. Max Golden places well-worn and rudimentarily repaired table and chairs around the painting structure in the center of the gallery. Generously loaned by the John Portman Archives the placement of the furniture creates a private, domestic environment while simultaneously referencing symbolic tension of a family dining table. McMillan constructs both a controlled public environment and a private space for reflection.

This exhibition was curated and conceived of by Daniel Fuller before his departure and curated and installed on-site by Teresa Bramlette Reeves.


Emma McMillan

Emma McMillan (b. 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia) works and resides in New York City. She attended the Cooper Union in New York where she received her BFA in 2012. McMillan’s art evokes abstract, gothic, and expressionist elements through richly textured and colored oil canvases. McMillian has shown at Édouard Montassut in Paris and the LOMEX gallery in New York. Her work is also represented in the collections of the Museum Für Moderne Kunst in Vienna and the Alex Katz Foundation located at Colby College, Maine.


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