Hasani Sahlehe

Hasani Sahlehe

What a Kallaloo

August 25, 2018 – October 21, 2018

I heard that it would make you strong, they convinced me that is was good for you, some said that it could bring you good favor in the new year. Either way, a huge pot of it would be on the stove leading up to Old Year’s Night. Like clockwork, relatives would blow up the phone lines in order to have their share delivered, stored, or shipped. I, on the other hand, was not impressed. I preferred a McDonald’s Happy Meal, at least that came with a toy.

The leaf based stew known as Kallaloo, (or Callaloo) is a staple throughout many Caribbean countries. The delicacy is known by a plethora of names and appears in various forms. The dish often incorporates a mix of vegetables paired with meats, seafood, or both. While a true recipe is elusive, most are certain that its roots trace back to West Africa.

“What a Kallaloo” is an exploration of postcolonialism through the lens of West Indian cuisine. It contemplates notions of authorship, assimilation, and improvisation.


Hasani Sahlehe

Hasani Sahlehe (b. 1991 St Thomas, USVI) is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Atlanta, GA. He recently earned his BFA in Painting at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Sahlehe’s work explores the transfer of information. His work has been exhibited in the Southeast and is held in private collections throughout The United States, England, and Virgin Islands.


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