Nicol Rosendorf

Nicol Rosendorf

September 22, 2022 – November 13, 2022


Nicol Rosendorf

Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf (°1971, Atlanta, United States) creates work in moving images, sound/music, and objects. His work addresses time, language, scale, and systems

As a child, Nicol puzzled his playmates. In his oddly single-minded approach to toys, he forewent ordinary play in favor of serial arrangement, taking pleasure in the spatial relations, colors, and forms. He persisted in playing the low B-flat chord button of his Bontempi electric organ at maximum volume, ear pressed to the instrument’s cool plastic body. As such oddities evolved through a succession of teenage punk bands, it occurred to young Nicol that he enjoyed designing concert flyers as much as creating aural and visceral effects through performance itself. His oblique approach eventually led to a seeming crisis: pay for Art School with a battery of loans or get paid to create videos and animations for The Coca-Cola Company? The paycheck won out, and Rosendorf spent the next two decades designing and directing communications and advertising for the world’s biggest brands.

In 2012 Nicol returned his artistic energies from the professional to the personal, to a body of work incorporating digital animation and film, musical composition, and emerging techniques in 3d printing and virtual reality.

From autodidact to magpie, Rosendorf has lectured on commercial film production and digital animation at the Atlanta College of Art and the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Rosendorf lives with his wife in Atlanta, GA.


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