Prelude Pointe Gallery

Prelude Pointe Gallery

Obscured Messages

January 28, 2023 – April 16, 2023

Prelude Pointe Gallery is pleased to present “Obscured Messages” The use of patterns and codes by these artists at first glance looks solely like an aesthetic choice. When in reality the use of these patterns and codes tells a story that you may not even notice at first. The use of these techniques and the materials these artists use allow us a glimpse into their lived experiences and the worlds in which they create. Obscured messages explore the use of these patterns and codes and how they are used as a formal language for Black artists and communities alike and how subtle messages are embedded in their work and show the expansive nature of Black Imagination.


Amanda Banks

Amanda Banks is a self-taught artist known for her tactile, contemporary fiber art which she began creating in 2017. Amanda was born in Elgin, Il, but relocated to rural North Georgia as a child where she currently lives and practices using the land as a source of peace and inspiration. Most of her materials are intentionally sourced second-hand, allowing the irregular availability to act as a catalyst for creativity and exploration. Amanda has taught workshops and exhibited in Atlanta, GA, Oakland, CA, East Tennessee State University Tipton and Slocumb Galleries, and Rome, GA, where she made her curatorial debut. Amanda is an upcoming resident at Stay Home Gallery in Paris, TN (March 2023) and Stove Works Gallery in Chattanooga, TN (August 2023). She is currently in exploration mode dreaming up large-scale fiber-based installations and planning collaborative community-based projects.

Faith Icecold

Faith Icecold is a non-degree Black multidisciplinary craftsperson from the planet Earth.

Sam Frances

Sam Frances is an LA-based designer and artist. She received her BFA in New Genres from the University of West Florida, primarily focused on image and sculpture. Her work explores the tension between the privileged bodies, craft, and what it means to participate in art making.

Kimani Johnson

Kimani Johnson is an Atlanta-based textile artist. They Graduated with a BFA in textiles from Georgia State University. The themes in their work continuously explore Black erotic autonomy. They use images sourced from vintage Black pornographic magazines to celebrate the sexuality of the women found in them.

Cashay Johnson

Cashay Johnson is a Textile Artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Johnson’s work is abstract and explores color theory and coiling. She enjoys the process of making her work and believes the process is a form of therapy. Cashay says ” My work teaches me patience, endurance, and intense focus, which gives me strength and provides perspective on other, more difficult aspects of my life”.


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