Recent Paintings

Recent Paintings

Andrew Cayce

February 5, 2009 – March 29, 2009

Andrew Cayce is an artist and musician whose paintings offer repeated clusters of obedient figures, pasta-shaped spaceships, and communication towers, all located on bare stages and rendered in saturated colors. His iconography and handling of materials connects Cayce’s work to religious painting, science fiction, and children’s cartoons, where precise but mysterious actions imply a private code only known to the initiated. Several of Cayce’s paintings were installed on the flat wall in a semi-circular space, creating a connection between depicted and actual architecture.

Andrew Cayce lives and works in Athens, GA. He has exhibited his work at Louis Defosse Gallery, Atlanta; and University of Georgia, The Grit, Flicker Theatre & Bar, and Athica Contemporary Art Center, all in Athens, GA.**

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