Seed Stage

Seed Stage

September 12, 2009 – November 22, 2009

In 2008, Corin Hewitt built a workshop at the Whitney Museum of American Art for the purpose of investigating procedures of harvesting, consuming, building, documenting, and recycling. Situated in this combination of science lab, test kitchen, and art studio, he performed the hybrid role of sculptor/photographer for months, moving between various two- and three-dimensional activities. He grew vegetables, prepared food and consumed it, read books, built tabletop tableaus with an assortment of organic and commercial materials, took photographs, and printed them out. Images that were deemed exhibition-worthy were displayed on the museum walls, others were cut, stacked, incorporated into new assemblages and re-photographed, or composted along with fruit rinds and other scraps.

Hewitt’s work has always thrived on base matter transformed by conceptual strategies and personal narratives. As his exhibition title implies, he sees the making process as developmental and performative. The Contemporary presents the color photographs that were the result of the artist’s dedicated studio gestures at the Whitney. They are lush vanitas images that speak to cycles of life and art that are in constant flux.

Hewitt lives and works in New York. His work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA; Taxter & Spengemann, NY; The Wanes Foundation, Malmo, Sweden; and Metro Tech Center, Brooklyn. The 2009 book, WEAVINGS, published by J&L Books, documents Hewitt’s sculpture/photography project at Small a Projects, Portland, OR.

Harry Shearer’s The Silent Echo Chamber, Corin Hewitt’s Seed Stage, and Will Rogan’s Remnant World exhibitions have been organized to coincide with Atlanta Celebrates Photography with generous support from the Massey Charitable Trust.

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