Chrissy Brimmage is a multidisciplinary artist living and working out of Brooklyn, NY, by way of Atlanta, GA.

Her practice utilizes the opportunities and constraints of digital and material mediums and space to research the structures of consciousness & experience. She is currently interested in social phenomenology (our social reality as a product of intersubjectivity), identity formation (how identity can be constructed & altered, & the negotiation of identity in society), spatial anthropology (understanding space as an extension of the body, and how the body & space co-construct each other) and embodied romance (understanding, building, and living a life of romance).

She has shown works nationally and internationally with Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia), PPOW Gallery in conjunction with Frieze Fair (New York), VMF Winter Arts (Vancouver), WISH Gallery (Atlanta) and more, and has taken residency with IMMENSIVA (Barcelona), Laboratory Interactive Art Residency (Spokane), and The Recurse Center (New York).

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