The drawings and printmaking artworks explore abstraction and its connection to myths and Southern stories, where identity and nature intersect. Inspired by Spanish moss, water, and historical stories of powerful women. Inspiration comes from nature; Spanish moss which lives on the trees along the Georgia Sea Coast. I work with paper and non-traditional printmaking processes. Inspiration for my artwork comes from exploring these places and finding spaces for it in my beeswax monotypes, mark-making India ink drawings and unique printmaking eco plant prints.

The process involves beeswax and using it as a medium in the layering process in the monotypes which create a translucent, transparent effect of color and shape. The India ink drawings connect with movement of body and its connection to Spanish Moss. The recent artworks speak to the Southern landscape of Daufuskie Island where the stories of the women and the spirit of the Gullah culture can carry off, through nature; plants, flowers, trees, to move, change, yet always searching for a place of permanence and empowerment.

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