In 2014 Charlie had the idea to sell smaller works of his own at a low price of $30 in the midst of his own showing at David Risely Gallery in Copenhagen. Two years later, in January of 2016 Charlie and Chris curated the first Got It For Cheap show consisting of approximately 22 artists in a small project space in Los Angeles. After the success of this show the project began to grow towards the massive project it is today. With 400+ artists on board the GIFC project consisted of six more shows for 2016 in Copenhagen, New York, again in Los Angeles, Oslo, Stockholm, and Paris. In late October of 2016 it was decided that the project must continue to grow, this is when Jordan Watson was introduced as a partner into the project helping catapult the project to include 600+ artists, 8 more shows in 2017 and the opening of our gallery space headquarters 0-0 LA.

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