King Nappa is a South Carolina born, Atlanta based artist working as a Dj/producer since 2015. With many aliases and associations, Nappa is one of the co-founders and Djs of curation group Lava House responsible for many underground late night dance parties in addition to collaborative and or hosted mixed media public shows in metro Atlanta for the POC, LGBTQ, and DIY community since 2017. With an academic background in screenwriting and film theory influencing his attitude, approach, and style when creating music or Djing, each performance conveys emotions, motifs, and environmental structures forming a jointed relation and exchange of energy between music and listener often times guiding those to what he calls a ‘dance trance’. Delivering a wide range of sounds both electrifying and astral, Nappa is constantly reshaping what it means to be a DJ, creative, and curator with a strong mission to create experiences powerful enough to drive change and boundless unity in a safe space.

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