Porter Grubbs is a dance and movement artist, a choreographer, a writer, and a teacher. Grubbs works across visual and auditory disciplines to realize their personal visions and the visions of their collaborators. Their creative process is always an act of translation. Whether Grubbs is interpreting prompts and phrases from a director or interpreting associations from their personal experiences, they know that their art is their tribute to the wisdom of the ancestors, mentors, and spaces that have informed them throughout their life. Every act of creation is an act of collaboration with seen and unseen forces, so they engage their research with respect, curiosity, and play.Grubbs is especially interested in the interplay between structure and spontaneity and the entanglement of fantasy within reality. They believe that, with enough actionable momentum, individuals and collectives can manifest the dreams that form their inner worlds. Dance & theatre provides the ultimate playground for them to put this belief to the test again and again.

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