ATLANTA - January 29, 2021 – Atlanta Contemporary launches a new series of programs in partnership with Urban Catalyst Lab that address current issues where art is a part of the solution. Programming includes lectures, panels, and moderated discussions with the goal being to recognize the importance of the conversation while simultaneously laying the groundwork for real change.

Led by Ruxanda Renita, co-founder & CEO of Urban Catalyst Lab and Nisa Floyd, Program Coordinator of Atlanta Contemporary, these conversations seek to gather information on actionable next steps and publish these findings to further engage with the community.

We invite you to join us in the Art-As-A-Solution Panels which will unpack the future of art in the presence of interdisciplinary groups: artists, tech, community leaders, governments, multilaterals such as the United Nations, and beyond. With each panel, we will bring local and international actors to discuss:

Art - ecosystem 2.0

  1. 1. Art + technology, leading community transformation
  2. 2. Art impacting public policy
  3. 3. Art & community Identity
  4. 4. Art, Technology and Science influencing climate mitigation & social justice
  5. 5. Artist as community thought leaders
  6. 6. and many more…

Are you ready for an art revolution that nurtures and inspires people-planet decisions in Atlanta and world-wide? Art is transforming, and artists are leading this transformation in our community, changing attitudes around complex problems e.g. conflict mitigation, historic traumas, healing, social justice.

The Art-As-A-Solution series complements the Museum’s existing public programs that incorporate different stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of these solutions.

Schedule for Panels

Saturday, January 30 | 12pm –2pm | Advocacy & Activism in the Arts
Saturday, April Date TBD | 12pm – 2pm | Local-to-Regional-to-Global Climate Justice
Saturday, July Date TBD | 12pm – 2pm | Education Policy – Using the Art Museum
Additional programs pending; more information TBD

Publication Dates

Advocacy & Activism in the Arts | April
Local-to-Regional-to-Global Climate Justice | July
Education Policy – Using the Art Museum | October

About Atlanta Contemporary

Atlanta Contemporary engages the public through the creation, presentation and advancement of contemporary art. Founded in 1973 as Nexus, a grassroots artists’ cooperative, Atlanta Contemporary has since become one of the southeast’s leading contemporary art centers. We play a vital role in Atlanta’s cultural landscape by presenting over 45 exhibitions throughout the year, featuring consequential artists from the local, national, and international art scenes. We are one of the few local institutions that commissions new works by artists, paying particular attention to artists of note who have not had a significant exhibition in the Southeast. We organize 90+ diverse educational offerings annually, unrivaled by other local organizations of our size. We are the only local organization to provide on-site subsidized studio space to working artists through our Studio Artist Program, removing cost as a barrier to the creative process. Visit to learn more.

About Urban Catalyst Lab

A platform for community empowerment and urban resilience, Urban Catalyst Lab challenges traditional structures of contemporary art and place-making to provoke approachable urban development, sustainability, and community building. Urban Catalyst Lab is the first-of-its-kind network, uniting local & global creatives, change makers, and urban advocates to take action. Today's art. Tomorrow's city. Urban Catalyst Lab believes art is the solution to a sustainable and equitable urban future.

All press inquiries, contact:

Nisa Floyd, Program Coordinator

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