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32 Participants Selected for Atlanta Contemporary’s ATLBNL

Atlanta Contemporary presents – ATLBNL 
On view: August 27 – December 18, 2016
Public Opening: Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 7 – Midnight (in conjunction with ART PARTY)

ATLANTA —July 14 —Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Atlanta Contemporary) ATLANTA —July 18 —Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Atlanta Contemporary) announces the 33 artists participating in the return of the Atlanta Biennial. With a roster of artists at varying points in their careers and with varying artistic practices– ATLBNL brings entirely new voices to the galleries by presenting not only the visual arts, but also book arts, film + video, fiber arts, literature, performance and music + sound. 

Previous Biennials – regardless of locale, curator, artists, or even the name itself – trumpeted the idea that many exceptional and relevant contemporary artists call the South home. The 2016 Atlanta Biennial further upholds this truth. “This Biennial brings together four curators with distinct points of view and curatorial methodologies,” noted Veronica Kessenich, Executive Director at Atlanta Contemporary. “They found common ground in their combined interest to exhibit individuals and collectives who have never before participated in a Biennial. While the participants represent 8 states from across the Southeast, they do not relegate themselves to any specific sense of geography or space rather, together, their work examines the current state of contemporary art and contemporary issues.”

ATLBNL endeavors to champion these artists and their work while simultaneously re-contextualizing Atlanta Contemporary’s commitment to our mission to engage the public in the creation, presentation, and advancement of contemporary art – on the local, national, and international level. The Atlanta Biennial presents an opportunity to deeply engage with our established arts community as well as the day-to-day visitor. It is our unified hope that by respecting what has come before, we can remain responsive to what’s next as we discover, recognize, and reaffirm the role the South plays in the field of contemporary art.

The full list of artists is as follows:

Established 2011
Savannah, GA

Katrina Andry
Born New Orleans, LA
Lives New Orleans, LA

Jason Benson
Born Baltimore, MD
Lives Atlanta, GA

Guy Church
Born Madison, WI
Lives Memphis, TN

Tommy Coleman
Born in Long Island, New York
Lives in Jupiter, FL

Stephen Collier
Born Biloxi, MS
Lives New Orleans, LA

Established Atlanta, GA

Established Atlanta, GA

Skylar Fein
Born New York, NY
Lives New Orleans, LA

Ke Francis
Born Memphis, TN
Lives Tupelo, MS

Coulter Fussell
Born Columbus, GA
Lives Water Valley, MS

Adler Guerrier
Born Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Lives Miami, FL

Virginia Griswold
Born Petersburg, VA
Lives Nashville, TN

Darius Hill
Born Birmingham, AL
Lives Birmingham, AL

Ridley Howard
Born Atlanta, GA
Lives Athens, GA

Horton Humble
Born New Orleans, LA
Lives New Orleans, LA

Harmony Korine
Born Nashville, TN
Lives Nashville, TN

Phillip Andrew Lewis
Born Memphis, TN
Lives Chattanooga, TN

Kalup Linzy
Born Clermont, FL
Lives Tampa, FL

Abigail Lucien
Born Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Lives Knoxville, TN

Jillian Mayer
Born Miami, FL
Lives Miami, FL

Erin Jane Nelson
Born Atlanta, GA
Lives Atlanta, GA

Daniel Newman
Born Jacksonville, FL
Lives Jacksonville, FL

Sharon Norwood
Born Kingston, Jamaica
Lives St. Petersburg, FL

Gina Phillips
Born Richmond, KY
Lives New Orleans, LA

Mary Proctor
Born Monticello, FL
Lives Gainesville, FL

Zack Rafuls
Born Miami, FL
Lives Nashville, TN

Andrew Scott Ross
Born Manhasset, NY
Lives Johnson City, TN

Southern Food Ways Alliance
Founded Oxford, MS

Stacy Lynn Waddell
Born Washington, DC
Lives Chapel Hill, NC

Christina West
Born Perry, MI
Lives Atlanta, GA

Cosmo Whyte
Born St. Andrew, Jamaica
Lives Atlanta, GA

About Atlanta Contemporary

Atlanta Contemporary engages the public through the creation, presentation and advancement of contemporary art. Founded in 1973 as Nexus, a grassroots artists’ cooperative, Atlanta Contemporary has since become one of the southeast’s leading contemporary art centers. We play a vital role in Atlanta’s cultural landscape by presenting six–10 exhibitions within four seasonal cycles each year, featuring consequential artists from the local, national, and international art scenes. We are one of the few local institutions that commissions new works by artists, paying particular attention to artists of note who have not had a significant exhibition in the Southeast. We organize 50+ diverse educational offerings annually, unrivaled by other local organizations of our size. We are the only local organization to provide on-site subsidized studio space to working artists through our Studio Artist Program, removing cost as a barrier to the creative process. Visit to learn more. 

All press inquiries, contact: 
Veronica Kessenich, Executive Director

Photos available on request. Additional details forthcoming about programming held in conjunction with ATLBNL. Brief biographies on all the participants included in the attached press release.

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