June’s Contemporary Classroom is taught by Magda Dumitrescu. Magda references global and local artist to contextualize the journey in art.

Risk and Self Reflection | June 9, 2020
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to watch Magda Dumitrescu's video on self portraiture.
Delve into art and self-reflection with Magda! This lesson explores the creation of a self-portrait through objects and how to explore self-portraiture in your environment. Lesson one will teach viewers how to recognize art making as a risk-taking process that incorporates existing knowledge, brainstorming, planning, and discovery of unexpected connections.

Risk and Design Elements | June 16, 2020
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to watch Magda Dumitrescu's video on design elements.
Lesson 2 will discuss and teach students to apply concepts, such as activating negative space, visual weight, non-centered focal point, dominance and subordination of design elements, and variety within repetition.

Risk and Grand Gestures | June 23, 2020
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to watch Magda Dumitrescu's video on grand gestures.
Join us in Magda's third lesson which employs various techniques to express emotion and vulnerability in line work, as the focus of the piece and as a compositional element. Lesson three will teach viewers to create process focused pieces with both meticulous and gestural processes.

Risk and Portable Joy | June 30, 2020
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to watch Magda Dumitrescu's video on portable joy.
Magda believes there is a place for all people to be silly and have fun and be beautiful and luminous in the sun. This space is no longer relegated to the people in power. Self-determined autonomous beauty as political defiance. In lesson 4 students will use mixed media including traditional, contemporary, digital and alternative media to create one cohesive piece.

Risk and Space | June 30, 2020
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to watch Magda Dumitrescu's video on space.
In lesson 5 students will use a variety of approaches, their journal, to explore and find personal connections to artists. This will help students to find value and beauty in their own perspective through visual storytelling and placemaking.

Contemporary Classroom

Contemporary Classroom is a program that teaches children (K - 12) about various artistic mediums in accordance with the Fine Arts National Standards of Excellence. Local practicing artists facilitate a monthly art project where children will explore past and current exhibitions, create original artworks, and showcase their work in a Zine or digital platform. As a virtual program these lessons will be published every Tuesday.

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Magda Dumitirescu

Magda Dumitrescu is from Atlanta, and won’t let you forget it. They use art both as an anthropological tool for documentation and as a way to create new folklore. Their work uses storytelling traditions from the American South and Eastern Europe to create solace and celebrate interconnectivity with everyday magic. Their practice focuses on color and movement, in murals, installations, collage, drawing, painting, animation, and video. Dumitrescu is an art educator and artist partner at Atlanta Contemporary.


Click here to watch the Contemporary Classroom videos on YouTube.

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October 8 / 12:00pm
Contemporary Talks

BLDGS Talk + Tour

Presented by Atlanta Design Festival

Grab a coffee and explore the historical Atlanta Contemporary building with the BLDGS, the architecture group behind the 2013 renovation of the galleries. This tour is part of the Atlanta Design Festival tour series with MA! Architecture Tours.

October 12 / 10:00am
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Members will tour the fine art gallery located at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

October 13 / 6:00pm
Contemporary Talks

Andres Serrano’s Insurrection


Atlanta Contemporary hosts a screening of Insurrection, followed by a Q+A with the filmmaker, Andres Serrano.

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