Film Love is proud to host the former Jane Brakhage (now Jane Wodening) in person for a wide-ranging conversation on her time and work with Stan Brakhage, her own acclaimed writing, and her life in and out of cinema.

“Jane lives in the invisible world and shows it to be the purest truth.”

Allen Ginsberg

The event will begin with a screening of three short films focused on Jane Brakhage. 1959’s Window Water Baby Moving bravely documents Jane’s pregnancy and the birth of the Brakhages’ first child. The film’s intensely visionary and nearly unprecedented depiction of childbirth have assured it a key place in cinema history. Hymn to Her is a brief, luminous filmic portrait of Jane by Stan. As a feminist response to Stan’s depiction of Jane as a “muse,” the young filmmaker Barbara Hammer made Jane Brakhage, a short documentary focusing solely on Jane and her work and life, and containing her voice. All three films are shown in their original format of 16mm film.

Film selections:
Window Water Baby Moving (Stan Brakhage, 1959, 12 min)
Hymn to Her (Stan Brakhage, 1974, 2 min)
Jane Brakhage (Barbara Hammer, 1974, 10 min)
Image credit: Jane Brakhage in Window Water Baby Moving (Stan Brakhage, 1959). Courtesy of the Estate of Stan Brakhage and Fred Camper


Andy Ditzler

Andy Ditzler is a curator, musician, and interdisciplinary scholar based in Atlanta. He founded the Film Love cinema series and co-founded the idea collective John Q. He earned a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from Emory University, with a concentration in cinema curation, and was trained as a musician at Indiana University.

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