Once again its time to clean the shoelaces out of your mouth & experience SAME SAME - a wacky variety show so pumped full of different emotions you might regret you didn’t stay home. 

You like shaving a neighbor’s toy poodle & then whacking ping pong balls at it?
You into buying a brand new teddy bear & feeding it jello just because you CAN?
How about that last season of CHEERS!?
You know what Im talking about.

Save the date: 12|12 at Atlanta Contemporary with EXTREMELY_MICHAEL and Jane Foley.

7 mins or less per performance.

We already have a curated list of star studded performers, but if there is a slot open & you wanna show off your chops, shoot us a line at: MSIF.PRESENTS@gmail.com. 1st come, 1st serve for any remaining slots.

You can basically do anything.
Don’t hurt anybody.
Same | Same


Mike Stasny

Mike Stasny is an installation artist, performance artist, and sculptor from the midwest currently working out of Atlanta. He primarily works with raw building materials and broken furniture converting them into “creatures” inspired by natural history museums, sci-fi, and his grandfather - an eccentric taxidermist whom let Mike play in his basement with numerous dead things. His most notorious work to date is “what what in the butt” - a youtube viral video that conflates homosexuality, blackness, and religion into an absurd / escapist cartoon like universe. On occasion, he provides “MUSIC YOU NEED” for art related events.

Jane Foley

Jane Foley has created public sound sculptures for the Architecture Triennale in Lisbon, Portugal and La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, France with Zurich-based Sound Development City, as well as composed sounds that played in taxicabs throughout the 5th Marrakech Biennale in Morocco. In Atlanta, they have created works for the High Museum, Flux Projects, The Atlanta Contemporary, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, among others. Foley currently teaches art at Georgia State University and Emory University while raising a son who is also an artist and assists on many projects.


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Upcoming Events

April 14 / 12:30pm
Contemporary Talks

Villa Albertine Resident Artist Talk

Lydia Amarouche


Lydia Amarouche will discuss her practices of editorial and literary resistance, in New York, Atlanta, and LA.

April 18 / 7:00pm

Chit Chat Club

Presented by The Bakery

Chit Chat Club is a monthly networking series featuring talks from cool creative people, activities, and a rotating food pop-up! This event is hosted at different spaces throughout the city each month. Join The Bakery Atlanta in meeting a cool person and learning something new.

April 27 / 12:30pm

Donna Mintz

Studio Artist Wall Artist Talk


Join Donna Mintz, Studio Artist, and Robin Sandler, gallerist, for a discussion of the exhibition and Mintz’s artistic practice.

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