Facilitated by Beth Malone, executive director of Dashboard Co-Op and organized with Rachel Reese at The Contemporary

TRUCK TALK is a mobile, ephemeral, and “live” radio show that builds an audio archive inside a 1993 Nissan pickup truck. TRUCK TALK aggregates live oral history, attempting to collect memories from the vibrant characters that made Atlanta art history through the lens of Nexus. TRUCK TALK invites various figures connected with Nexus’s past to explore the geographical and ideological shifts the institution took throughout the 1980s-1990s during a 15-minute truck ride. While road tripping with Malone between various Nexus-inspired locales in Atlanta, contributors will explore their own experience with the institution as it moved from fledgling underground artist coop to an established, contemporary arts organization. Each of these recollected moments, however pivotal or seemingly inconsequential, will attempt to inform the impact this historic institution had, and continues to have, on the Atlanta art community.

TRUCK TALK is an off-site program concurrent with Endless Road: A Look at Nexus Press

Follow TRUCK TALK and its itinerary at #trucktalk #endlessroad
TRUCK TALK is recorded, transcribed, and available on our Sound Cloud page

Episode #1: Susan Loftin
Episode #2: Mario Petrirena

Twitter: @ACAC
Instagram: @atlantacontemporaryartcenter

Listen to the most recent podcast HERE.

TRUCK TALK: Tina Dunkley

TRUCK TALK: Louise Shaw

TRUCK TALK: Mario Petrirena

TRUCK TALK: Susan Loftin

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August 25 / 6:30pm

Patrick Freeland

Artist Talk


Artist Patrick Freeland will talk about his artwork and practice.

August 27 / 12:00pm
Contemporary Talks

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Curator Ashley Holland will be giving a tour of Returns: Cherokee Diaspora and Art

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