Endless Road

Endless Road

A Look at Nexus Press

May 1, 2015 – July 25, 2015

Books live their lives. They are pored over, discussed, exchanged, and marked up—each page striving to create a bond between the artist and the reader. Unlike the standard temporal exhibition, the artist book and its ideas are continuously reimagined, producing direct experiences with new publics. For 26 years Nexus Press brought the world to the South and the South out to the world.

Endless Road: A Look at Nexus Press will be the first presentation at Atlanta Contemporary to explore the innovative work done by Nexus Press in producing artists’ books. An early adopter of experimental offset printing, the press traversed the unknown, creating books, posters, flyers, and statements that lived and live beyond their covers. This is not the definitive Nexus Press exhibition, but what we hope is the beginning of a dialog about pioneering and celebrating this institution’s legacy.


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