We want to stay connected and creative with our community during these unprecedented times. 

Our first opportunity we are sharing is our Virtual Pop-Up. For the next few weeks, arts instructor Elisabeth Herrera is sharing virtual activities to keep you inspired. Follow along with each activity and share your creations with us on Instagram (@atlantacontemporary) with the hashtag #ACMAKES

We look forward to seeing everyone’s creations and continuing the excellent conversations we usually have in person in a digital space.

Food as Art: Food for Thought

What is it?

Food has been a universal theme in many forms of art throughout history. From prehistoric cave paintings, to classical still life paintings, pop artists’ savory sculptures, and your favorite food Insta account. Humans have been documenting our food from the very beginning. As we spend so much time apart, it can be comforting to focus attention on things that bring us together; like great food! Or rather, great documentations of food.

This week we encourage you to think about the creative possibilities of your favorite foods.

Food as Art at Atlanta Contemporary

Our AC archives showcase varying examples of how contemporary artists use food in their works. Take a trip through our digital archive to explore past exhibitions. Access the archive through the index tab.

Here are just a few of our favorite food related highlights from the archives:
Marlos E'van | Holly Coulis | Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past

Fallen Fruit is the Los Angeles-based collaborative team of David Burns and Austin Young, whose various projects use fruit as a filter to examine distinct places and histories, issues of representation and ownership, and address questions of public versus private space. ACAC commissioned the artists to develop their first exhibition addressing a Southern context.

Find more info about this exhibition on our website at: https://atlantacontemporary.org/exhibitions/fallen-fruit-of-atlanta

Food-related art in Art History

Project Ideas

Edible Jewelry

I thought up this edible jewelry activity for myself to help me be mindful when snacking but to also take time in appreciating the interesting visual aspects of my snacks.

Food Mandala

Follow this link to watch a video on making a food mandala!


Want more inspiration? Check out these great resources:

Google Arts and Culture: A Brief History of Food in Art

New York Times: These Artists Are Creating Work That’s About, and Made From, Food


Elisabeth Herrera-Very

Elisabeth Herrera-Very is a teaching artist and art educator working in Atlanta. A former public school visual arts teacher she now focuses on community engagement and museum education. As a teaching artist she develops programming that provides inclusive, thoughtful, and relevant art experiences for participants of all ages and skill levels. Her programming at Atlanta Contemporary encourages patrons to explore their own creative process through contemporary art making practices and exploratory art making.


Share your creations with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @atlantacontemporary and use the hashtag #ACMAKES.

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April 27 / 2:00pm
Special Event

MuSEA Slow Reads


Folks get to activate MuSEA’s mobile library by relaxing at the Atlanta Contemporary and reading selected texts out loud to each other.

April 28 / 12:00pm
Contemporary Kids

Contemporary Kids


A free and interactive family-friendly program, Contemporary Kids introduces children to contemporary art and artists through approachable media and hands-on activities.

May 2 / 6:30pm
Contemporary Cocktails

Crafts + Cocktails


Join artist and educator Sherrice Adams for our adult craft night, Crafts + Cocktails.

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