We want to stay connected and creative with our community during these unprecedented times. 

Our first opportunity we are sharing is our Virtual Pop-Up. For the next few weeks, arts instructor Elisabeth Herrera is sharing virtual activities to keep you inspired. Follow along with each activity and share your creations with us on Instagram (@atlantacontemporary) with the hashtag #ACMAKES

We look forward to seeing everyone’s creations and continuing the excellent conversations we usually have in person in a digital space.

Temporary Street Art!

This simple technique provides you with a new medium to create temporary works which are completely washable. Use a roll of masking tape or create stencil templates and take them with you to share your message wherever you like. Whether you’re taking your artist practice out to the streets to protest or beautifying the driveway, we hope this simple technique will help you to make something you enjoy creating.

Click here to watch the accompanying video on how to make chalk paint.

When creating your composition consider your purpose an refer to your favorite street artists.

Searching typography, iconography, and looking at images made by other artists can help focus your ideas and give you a starting point.

    This moving tribute from our 2018 exhibition Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past shares examples of graffiti style typography and street art motifs. Look around your own neighborhood or favorite outdoor spaces to observe the contributions of street artists working in your area.

          Materials you’ll need:

          Corn starch
          Food Coloring (tempera paint or washable watercolor also work)
          Empty spray bottle
          Bowl, wisk, funnel
          Scissors or craft knife

                Step 1: Create your stencil template

                Draw your design on a piece of recycled cardboard. Use scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut out each element of your design to create a stencil.

                If you aren’t interested in cutting out an elaborate design or would rather keep things simple, use a roll of masking tape to write out your message.

                        Step 2: Create your chalk spray

                        In a bowl, pour in about one cup of corn starch (no need to measure). Add at least 10 drops of food coloring and a splash of water. Wisk contents and continue slowly adding water until mixture is smooth and thin enough to spray through a standard spray bottle nozzle. If the color has lightened feel free to add additional food coloring to intensify the hue.

                            Step 3: Create your composition

                            Choose a place to create your composition. This chalk spray is completely washable so feel free to place your creation anywhere!! (Always get permission if stenciling on private property). Lay down your stencil or tape down your message. Spray chalk paint evenly across your composition. Don’t worry about making mistakes! This washable chalk paint can be easily rinsed off.

                            **Tip: If your stencil utilizes a detailed or complex design, stick it down with spray adhesive or tape to ensure clearer details.

                            Step 4: Share your work!

                            We love seeing how you use these prompts in your artist practice. Share your creation with us on social media using the tag: #ACMakes.


                              Elisabeth Herrera-Very

                              Elisabeth Herrera-Very is an art educator working in Atlanta. After nearly a decade as a public school visual arts teacher she shifted her focus to community engagement and museum education. As a teaching artist she develops programming that provides inclusive, thoughtful, and relevant art experiences for all participants. Her programming at Atlanta Contemporary encourages patrons of all ages to explore their own creative process through contemporary art making practices and thematic instruction.


                              Share your creations with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @atlantacontemporary and use the hashtag #ACMAKES.

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                              Contemporary Classroom is a program that teaches children about various artistic mediums in accordance with national Fine Arts standards.

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