We want to stay connected and creative with our community during these unprecedented times. 

Our first opportunity we are sharing is our Virtual Pop-Up. For the next few weeks, arts instructor Elisabeth Herrera is sharing virtual activities to keep you inspired. Follow along with each activity and share your creations with us on Instagram (@atlantacontemporary) with the hashtag #ACMAKES

We look forward to seeing everyone’s creations and continuing the excellent conversations we usually have in person in a digital space.

Its wine time!

This week we encourage you to create using found materials. Reclaimed wine corks have so many potential uses. This week our tutorial uses wine corks to create block prints. Printmaking is a process in which a printing plate is inked, like a stamp, and pressed onto a flat surface to create a series of identical images.

Click here to watch the accompanying video on how to make cork prints.

    Interested in artworks made with reclaimed materials?

    Check out the virtual tour of The Life and Death of Charles Williams on display at Atlanta Contemporary until August 2, 2020.

          Materials you’ll need:

          Wine corks
          Printing ink (acrylic, tempera, or even home décor paints work well with this process)
          Craft knife
          Permanent marker
          Brayer (or a paintbrush to lay out ink evenly)
          Paper or other surface to print upon

            Step 1: Carve your stamps

            Use a permanent marker to draw out your desired design onto the flat surface of the wine cork. VERY CAREFULLY use a craft knife to carve out channels in the cork.

                    Step 2: Lay out the ink

                    Roll out a dime sized dollop of ink using a brayer. If you do not have a brayer use a flat paintbrush to create an even layer of paint for printing.

                    Step 3: Create prints!

                    Repeatedly stamp your carved wine corks onto the surface you’ve chosen. Continue laying out ink, pressing the cork evenly into the ink, and applying even pressure to transfer the ink onto your printing surface. Experiment with different configurations, layers of colors, or alternating patterns.

                    Depending on the type of paint you are using, these block prints can be used to adorn any flat surface. In addition to adding interest to clothing or hand towels, these prints make great wrapping paper and greeting cards!

                      Share your work!

                      We love seeing how you use these prompts in your artist’s practice. Share your creations with us on social media by using the tag: #ACMakes.


                      Elisabeth Herrera-Very

                      Elisabeth Herrera-Very is an art educator working in Atlanta. After nearly a decade as a public school visual arts teacher she shifted her focus to community engagement and museum education. As a teaching artist she develops programming that provides inclusive, thoughtful, and relevant art experiences for all participants. Her programming at Atlanta Contemporary encourages patrons of all ages to explore their own creative process through contemporary art making practices and thematic instruction.


                      Share your creations with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @atlantacontemporary and use the hashtag #ACMAKES.

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