My interest in art has been strong since I was young. I carried on my passion for art until I was able to apply my skills in my art classes in high school. During my freshman year, I won 1st place out of my grade in the school’s juried show and participated in the 2011 art show at the Georgia National Fair. I continued creating art throughout high school and even became a member of The Nation Arts Honor Society at my school. As a senior in 2014, I was able to once again participate in the art show at the Georgia National Fair and placed 2nd in the youth art division. I also participated in the youth art show at the Perry Art Center in Perry, GA. I decided to begin my studies as an art education major at Georgia State University in 2017. I have learned a lot during my years at Georgia State University and the education that I have received has allowed me to widen my art skills. Some of the mediums that I work with include, but are not limited to drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, and ceramics. My time at Georgia State University has also given me the chance to participate in art shows and galleries. In 2018, I participated in Finish Lines (a print show). In the same year I had my work chosen to be in the Cage Space gallery located in Atlanta, Georgia. As I continue my education at Georgia State University, I expect to develop more skills to guide me in becoming a better artist and an even better educator. With a strong influence from vocal artist Selena Quintanilla, sculptor Do Ho Suh, and photographer Anthony Hernandez, creating art has become a way for me to address my identity and addressing being Mexican American. Over the years, I have been able to create meaningful art that shows a focus on these two major parts of me all with the help and guidance from instructors and mentors. Demonstrating the relationship between my two cultures has shown me the importance of cultural representation. I plan to continue exploring my identity through art and is something that I look forward to addressing in my future classroom as well.

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