My process in its essential is collecting and sorting. Collecting of artifacts, colors, textures, and materials. A majority of the materials I work with are reclaimed goods, found objects and papers. My beautiful and filthy City of Atlanta. Her skyline draped delicately with lights to jewel her. I’ll walk the streets and find old sparking wrappers that escape the trash. Sometimes it’s from old chocolate boxes, lotto tickets, or maybe broken car lights. Gifts from the city herself. Reclaimed party supplies, used household items and the discarded miscellaneous are examples of my fascination with the consumed object. There’s an energy given to an item once created, but also life after the production of being produced from materials to commodity. When the user discards that; I like to give it a second life. Permanently salvaging it from its end in the landfill. Creating any object to me is sacred. Glitter to me is a sacred beauty. I truly do not know why I am with it, connected to it, but I do choose to create the art that my soul desires.

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