Thulani Anathi Vereen is a full-stack software engineer. Thulani is a 2020 graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. In her time at Spelman, she merged her passions for Computer Science and Dance through award-winning research implementation projects. She is interested in how dance and computer science can inform one another. It is through this interest that Thulani applies algorithmic thought processes from her computer science studies to her choreographic process and in return, her dance pedagogy to her technology projects. At the moment, Thulani is using her career as an engineer to strengthen her technical practice and aptitude while also accepting and making any creative opportunity to continue to develop as a choreographer. As a budding engineer and artist, Thulani aims to eventually become an artist-inventor, revolutionizing the performing arts by inventing performing arts technologies for all facets of the industry.

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