mild climate

mild climate

breakfast lunch & dinner

August 27, 2016 – October 27, 2016

Press Preview
August 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm

mild climate presents breakfast lunch & dinner, a group exhibition framed by perceptions of time. The works featured explore outside the quantifying limits of linear, numerical, and teleological understandings of temporality. breakfast lunch & dinner features work from mild climate curators Mika Agari, David Onri Anderson, Jessica Clay, and Zack Rafuls, as well as David King and Christian Vistan, two artists who have recently held solo exhibitions at the space.

Time is not a matter of fact, meals are sometimes missed, sometimes routinely scheduled, sometime goes fast or slow, depending on how much fun you’re having. Breakfast, wake up with the sun, or too late and it’s already a Lunch instead of a Breakfast, some call it a Brunch. Lunch is a break, you could split it down the middle, or not. Come home from work, spend too much time with preparation, last meal, last time is Dinner. The time before you sleep, bedtime, the meal before is Dinner (the meal before you sleep is Dinner, time for bed).

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